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Find your golf course 'Slope Rating', your 'Course Index' and check your 'Playing Handicap' by club and course


World Handicap System Database

The World Handicap System (WHS) was launched in the UK on 2nd November 2020

Here we plan to provide golfers with a quick search golf course directory and WHS calculator, in order that you can find your ‘Playing Handicap’ when playing or visiting a new course



Your Handicap Index is your golf handicap either from your home golf club or golf society. 
The Handicap Index is calculated using the BEST 8 scores from your last 20 rounds of golf.



Not every golf course is the same, even though the par and length might be similar. All courses will now be rated by ‘difficulty’ with each course being assigned a Course Rating.



Having established your Handicap Index and once combined with the Course Rating at the golf club you are visting, means you will be given a new handicap for the day.

Calculating your new golf handicap

Why change now?

As golf dates back as early as the 1500’s there have been many changes to the game and its rules. 

However,  while the R&A has been establsihed since 1754, it’s only now all the world governing bodies have got together to bring one handicap system for us all.

The new system will also offer a direct Golf handicap option to many Nomadic and Independent Golfers depending on which country you live in.

Whats New?

Primarily, your handicap will now be calculated based on your best 8 rounds from your last 20, based on average number of shots above Par per round and subject to the course rating – see above

What do I need to know?

Everything starts with your handicap Index e.g. your starting handicap. This could be as high as 54 and a low at 0. And will be adjustesed EVERY TIME you play and submit a scorecard

What affects my handicap?

Your starting handicap, the club and course you are playing e.g. White tees, Yellow tees or Red tees, the course slope and the course ‘difficulty rating’ of each variation of the course

How to find out my Index?

Well, we’ve made this very easy for you. Just type in your current handciap Index and using the dropdown tools below, we will calculate your ‘Playing Handciap for you

How does the WHSD look-up system work?

Here is a short user ‘explainer video’ out-lining how easy and quick it is to use our World Handicap System Database calculator and what information you will need to use our service


Who is behind the new World Handicap System?

The new handicap calculation has been a collaboration between six of the golf world’s governing bodies and the European Golf Association

CONGU, Council of National Golf Club Unions, World Handicap System Database, Golf course ratings
Golf RSA, Republic of South Africa, World Handicap System Database, Golf course ratings
Golf Austrailia, World Handicap System Database, Golf course ratings
AAG, Association of Argentina Golf, World Handicap System Databse, Golf course ratings